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Evaluation strategy - ISO 21747
Summary Statistics
Value chart - Histogram
qs-STAT® Graphic displayed in SAP
Part statistics

Process Qualification / qs-STAT - Leading choice for Machine and Process Capability

qs-STAT is a comprehensive software package used for the statistical evaluation of quality information as well as for the assessment of processes and systems. With qs-STAT the user can engage in the evaluation and continuous improvement of processes based on widely recognized statistical evaluation methods and procedures as well as industry norms and company guidelines. Available in over 22 different languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian, qs-STAT enables data to be visualized in multiple languages enhancing your company's ability to communicate and present analysis data in any language required.

Reliable Statistics

qs-STAT automatically finds the best-fitting distribution model from a variety of available statistical procedures and assigns the chosen process model according to DIN ISO 21747. Available procedures are based on integrated norms and standards as well as corporate specific guidelines (i.e. BMW, GMPT, Robert Bosch, Volkswagen, etc.). qs-STAT evaluation methods are standardized providing security and guaranteeing the comparability of results.

Visualization of the Results

Immediately understandable and visually clear graphical displays of the numerous values are indispensible to effective quality data management. The graphical tools of qs-STAT allow the user to visualize calculated statistical values with clarity and simplicity making it possible to quickly identify and address critical processes, weak points and deviations. The user can streamline the graphical displays by applying filter and selection criteria thereby shifting the visual focus as desired. Moreover, the user can trigger measures for process optimization directly from the summary graphics.

SAP Interface (QM-STI)

qs-STAT can be combined with the SAP system enabling the user to take full advantage of the benefits of the Q-DAS statistical methods while staying within the required or existing corporate framework.

Measurement and test data collected in the SAP system can be evaluated by qs-STAT and the calculated statistics, graphics and reports displayed directly in SAP.