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Individual Visualization of a Measuring Procedure
Individual Visualization of a Measuring Procedure
Alarm Dialog for Deviations
Automated Measuring Procedure in procella

Process Control / O-QIS procella - Flexible Shop Floor SPC

With O-QIS - procella measurement and test data can be manually collected or taken directly from the gages/multiplexers using interfaces. The collected data can be saved into files or stored in a central database. Stored and archived data can then be instantly visualized for quantitative and qualitative evaluation.

Customized Visualization

Direct visualization of the recorded values combined with the display of historical data enables the early recognition of trends. This allows the operator to quickly identify issues as they arise and implement corrective actions to the production process without losing precious time.

O-QIS - procella will guide the operator through the measuring procedure to guarantee fast and accurate recording of measured values. Screen masks and displays can be individually adapted according to the measurement procedure to make complex measurement tasks transparent eliminating mistakes.

Alarms/Process Control

Individually configured alarm triggers (tolerance, control limit violations, trends, etc) enable the user to statistically control data even as it is being collected. If a violation occurs (i.e. a value is entered that does not meet requirements), the operator is immediately notified and requested to acknowledge the alarm.

Events, causes and corrective actions can easily be documented thus enabling the user to track deviations during subsequent analysis. Additional input fields (nest, machine, lot, operator, etc) can be used for traceability and targeted analysis.

Direct Link to Measuring Systems

In addition to manual data input, procella provides interfaces to directly link into a large number of digital, serial and multiplexer based systems. Data can be transferred and recorded easily at the gage or using a foot switch. Here you may find the detailed list of available interfaces.

Easy Interaction with SAP

Test plans created in SAP can be transferred into O-QIS - procella for data recording through a link to SAP/R3 QM (via an IDI interface). Once the test is completed, the recorded data is transferred into SAP. This combines the advantages of real time visualization and data recording through procella with the benefits and mandates of the SAP system.