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    Q-DAS Initial Sample Report

    The Initial Sample Report is designed for the documentation of initial sample inspection results prior to the start of volume production, in line with various requirements. This module handles the generation and management of requirements and Initial Sample Reports. It supports the forms in the VDA-2 Brochure and the QS-9000 Requirements in several languages. The version management feature makes it possible to attribute multiple reports to a single test series or pre-production run.

    The Q-DAS Initial Sample Report is fully integrated into the Q-DAS software environment and can use the same database, i.e. the Q-DAS ASCII transfer format. Because this data format is in widespread use, initial sample inspection data can easily be transferred, ensuring a continuous process chain linking all Q-DAS products from initial sampling through machine capability and preliminary process capability right up to ongoing process capability and long-term studies of process behavior.

    Integrated report forms are available for creating an Initial Sample Report, with automatic generation of input screens featuring the required fields for the selected report.

    To avoid the need for re-inputting recurring reference data, such reference data can be managed through reference catalogues. The reference data entries can be selected at the corresponding points and transferred to the input screens. The catalogue entries can be selected through a combo box in the appropriate windows. Several catalogues are available: customers, creators, reasons for sample inspection, types of sample inspection, gauges, units etc.

    Summary of functions 

    • Output of individual values and min/max values, with comments on each characteristic on the output form.
    • As an option it is possible to specify whether the individual values for each characteristic should be output.
    • Out-of-tolerance values are highlighted on the output form.
    • Symbols for types of measured characteristics (shape and positional tolerances, physical parameters, …) are included. The corresponding symbols can be output as part of the report.
    • Selection according to the different criteria of the report elements.
    • Classification of characteristics according to the method of sample inspection; i.e. verification of appearance, dimensions, materials, reliability, or function.
    • Characteristics are output automatically on a separate page for each type of sample inspection.
    • Inputting of circulation lists.
    • Configuration of input screens.
    • Data analysis, with export to qs-STAT.
    • Use of the Form Designer to design company-specific reports.
    • Management of constituents/hazardous materials in purchased parts.