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    2013-01-07: App Q-DAS on Android

    New Q-DAS apps on Google Play store for statistical distributions

    This application is developed for students, professionals who want to solve on their tablet PC or smartphone in quick and reliable way statistical matters. With the complete version it is possible to calulate, as an example, the probability to win a lottery, or the critical values of an hipothesis test. All results are given with a smart interface and nice graphics.


    Available distributions with full version:

    Continuos variables:
    Normal distribution, Exponential, Raileigh, Weibull, t, F, Chi-square, etc.

    Discrete variables:
    Hipergeometric, Poisson, Binomial distributions.

    The cost of the full version is 2,49 €.



    Available distributions with lite version:

    In the lite version are available Normal and Binomial distributions.

    The lite version is free.







    Click here to download app from Google Play store...







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