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Easy creation of filters
Selections on the database

Q-DBM - Quality Database Management

In particular, to find data based on various selection and filter criteria, a database-based system is very helpful. Therefore, we have all the Q-DAS software products equipped with an MS-ACCESS database.

Q-DBM set up where an MS-ACCESS database is not sufficient for performance reasons as a database system. This is usually the case when a lot of data collected and stored, and extensive evaluations are to be made. Then it is useful to store data in an MS-SQL, MS SQL Express or Oracle database system. Q-DBM serves as a central data pool for the storage and management of measuring and test data and to all the descriptive information. A central data storage that contains all the essential quality information about the monitored process is so easy to implement.

A selective filtering of data with predefined selection criteria allows quick access to data that describe a situation to be assessed. This individual perspective on the processes is possible. Thus, by comparison of time periods, equipment, materials, investigators, etc. differences are visualized transparently. This vulnerability can be identified quickly.

Integrated archiving and maintenance functions to support the efficient management of quality data. Selected periods or content can be periodically swap to archive databases or store them as ASCII files. Especially the file format provides the archiving of data over long periods with minimal memory requirements. The archive features ensure a long-term performance database and an always clear database at the same time respecting the storage requirements. These can be used when needed or in case of liability.