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Q-DASit-Converter is a software package that enables conversion of data into the Q-DAS ASCII standard format.

When Q-DAS® ASCII format is not available directly from the measuring device, it si possible to use this conversion tool to directly and automatically convert data files in the standard of all Q-DAS® products.
Q-DAS® S.R.L. developed several conversion modules to convert data from the most important CMM machines and measuring devices. Some examples are: Zeiss (Calypso, Umess, Metrolog II, etc.), DEA (Master, Chorus, Chorus-CAD, PC-Dmis, Wtutor, etc.), Coord 3, Poli, Hommel Werke, Cim-Core, Coragliotto, Marposs, Mycrona, OGP, PAG, Taylor-Hobson, Perceptron, etc.

The Q-DASit-Converter is automatic without needing of any user input, directly converts data into the Q-DAS® ASCII format.